Anchorman Film T-shirts

Movie T-Shirts inspired by the film Anchorman

With the opening of our new store we are very happy to announce the design of a new range of Anchorman movie t-shirts.

These are all brand new designs, created by our team specially for the opening of the new store. Will ferrel who plays Ron Burgundy in the films has moved into god like status after this film. With so many famous quotes it was hard to decide on which ones to include in our range.

Anchorman the legend of Ron Burgundy has become somewhat of a cult classic film. We have incorporated some of the best loved lines from the film into our t-shirt designs.

I Love Lamp T-shirt

The famous quote by Brick Tamland, played by the always great Steve Carell is one of our leading designs in the anchorman range. This tee design has become one of our most popular to date with the simplistic elements appealing to many.


This burrito is Delicious T-shirt

The burrito design as its become known is one of the funniest lines in the Anchorman film. The design comes on a variety of different colors. Click on the Youtube clip above to see the scene in full, with the great Jack black making a surprise cameo.

Bark Twice if you're in Milwaukee.

This hilarious quote spoke to his dog baxter in the Anchorman film has had us in stitches (no pun intended) here in the office. With the map of the USA with Milwaukee highlighted, this is a must design for any anchorman fans out there, and lets be honest who's not an anchorman fan.


Keep an eye out for more film t-shirts. We are releasing new designs on a daily basis. If you would like to see a quote or film feature on a t-shirt please get in contact with us at

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