Tributes to Dead Friends have business booming


Similar to many businesses that are seasonal (ice cream trucks) Each Summer Mr Arthursees, who own a print shop in brooklyn New York sees his business pick up. But his customers aren't seasonal they have been steadily coming in a weekly basis to get t-shirts printed with photos and names of loved ones and friends who have been killed in street violence.

Mr Arthurees said as the temperature gets warmer outside it gets worse. He is 57 years old and estimates that his brolly Tee shirt printing shop prints around 3,000 T shirts that remember around 100 victims of the new york streets.

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On most occasions the T-shirts are commissioned only hours after the death by friends, parents and have become a common site at funerals in the area.

Mr Arthurees said that he has seen many deaths on the streets throughout the years. guns, people beaten to death, kids being thrown out of windows and everything in-between.

This current summer has been a particularly busy one. Many homicides and shootings have occurred city wide, and the overall statistics on killings are up on the same period last year. The corner where his shop is located is one of the most violent areas of the city.

His store was opened around 20 years ago and customers initially wanted fliers and faxing needs. And now the T-shirt printing is his most important element. He also produces T-shirts for films and music, amongst other things.

There are a few other shops offering the same service throughout the East Brooklyn area and the city as a whole. He says although its his most lucrative business its sad to see so many young people being killed.

 Mrs Smith who is 45 Turned to Arthurto design and print a t-shirt to commemorate her 21 year old son, who was shot coming home from a dinner with his father. The news in New York reported at least 7 shootings that night in Brooklyn.

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Tshirts can be produced and designed for many different reasons. Mr Arthursees shop produce t-shirts for commemorative reasons. Where lots of other people are producing movie t shirts or comedy shirts.

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