6 Best Movie T-shirts Ever.

Film T-shirts inspired by cult films

T-shirts and clothing inspired by some of the best films of all time are not a new concept, they have been around for almost as long as film itself. Giving a nod and a wink to some obscure movie quote or a design inspired by your favourite film is a lovely thing to demonstrate on a t-shirt. 

In this post we have complied some of the best Film T-shirts ever and where you can find them.

Monty Python Movie T-shirt


Monty Python films are a plethora of one liners and great quotes. Red Molotov have many great film t-shirts and this is one of their best.

The scene is a fight with the black knight, and as he loses limb after limb his courages never wavers. The T-shirt design is a take on the lego toys.

Buy at www.redmolotov.com

Lord Of the Rings Film T-shirts.

Lord of the rings movie tshirt

With the success of the Hobbit trilogy and the LOTR, t-shirts and other memorabilia from middle earth have been very popular. This design by StitchDog is one of our favourite film tee designs ever. The design is simple but effective. Gandalf's hat is shaped like a mountain and the fellowship are making their way to the top. Simple design= great Movie T-shirt.

Buy at www.stitchdog.com

Django Unchained cinema T-shirt

Dr Schultz played by the amazing Christopher Waltz in Django Unchained is such a great character and this t-shirt design is based on his dentist company in the films. Great retro design and looks great when a bit worn.

buy at www.ubertorso.com

Anchorman comedy t-shirts


Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy has easily more quotable lines than most films and with such a great cast its a t-shirt designers paradise. www.stitchdog.com have designed a tee on a  funny quote that Will Farrell says while driving and throws his burrito out of the window and hits jack black on his motorbike to the fall. Jack black gets up and kicks Baxter (tons dog) into the water. Classic quote to have on a  t-shirt and a must have for any anchorman fan or comedy fan as a whole.

 Buy at http://www.stitchdog.com/collections/frontpage/products/wow-this-burrito-is-delicious-but-it-is-filling

Army of Darkness Movie clothing

The army of darkness film is a cult classic and many t-shirt have been designed in its honour. The RedBubble company have designed a great item that captures everything that is great about the films.

Buy at www.redbubble.com

Starwars film T-shirts

One of the funniest silver screen t-shirts on the net.

I am your father is a play on Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker's famous battle. But in this parody tee the two protagonists are the ATAT and Imperial Walker. Great t-shirt for a avid star wars fan.


These are some of our favourite film t-shirts on the internet let us know what you think and which ones are your favourites.



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